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There are various ways of doing fashion, every soul, every person finds his, see how differently finds his way, it's wonderful!

Andrea marazzini jewelry

Andrea's passion has turned into a real work of art and meets the public's appreciation, witnessed by Sheriff's Fashion Star at the Paris International Salon, Eclat de Mode. Andrea collaborated in different projects with Swarovski, among which the presentation of the crystal collection Chris Bangle and the World Jewelry Facet.

 I am very proud to have been chosen by this brend as a reference point for videos and photos.

Music by the grate artist Chris Wyatt Scott

Music by Anthony Hed

Music by Anthony Hed

Fashion Trails

Is a very trendy company that has devised the way to make everyone feel good where they are, in any small, hidden corner of the wonderful Ibiza!

Fashion Places

When fashion pervades an ancient Tuscan villa and the taste of creativity is in the air!

Fashion People

When creativity explodes in trendy hands... Enrica Mannari, crazy people my favorite!

The Players Magazine

This is the most classic, uman and elegant way to look at the world of fashion...

Fashion reportage

Fashion Makers

The meaning of the word DEDICATE, I can translate it with a name... Federica ... She dedicates her time, her attention, her passion, her dexterity, but above all her ecological ethics to create... love and fashion!

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