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Some braver clients (very few) have allowed me to publish their wedding.


Normally people don't like to show such an intimate and important event in their life, I'm very serious and respectful towards the privacy of my customers, so you will only be able to see very few of my works.


But some of them (again very few) allowed me to show their video only to those who were really interested and privately!


So if you are really curious and want to learn more about my work, write me an email with your wedding date and if I can be free on that day, I can give you the password to open these links...

Sarah & Jemes

Rechel & Richard

Italian wedding

I have not been very good at keeping all the beautiful customer emails, I could have filled my whole site with just those, but better late than never, I just started and I hope it will be useful to you.

The wedding planner

The Wedding planner