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Photography is what you make of it. What you see in the viewfinder can be ugly. Your heart can barely resist the horror of what you see or your eyes become blurred by pity and shame. But it's all reality and you have to know what to do with it...


By now it has become really impossible not to notice the importance of video within the communication sector. Especially in these last times, in which in any direction we look, in simple everyday life or in the communicative environment, we verify that we are completely surrounded by it...


still life


Fashion photography is an important cultural response that reflects the identity of each era and helps to define it better. Many events and years of the 1920s are reflected in the clothes of the era and in the way of wearing them,

In the fashion photo that is an end in itself, intended for the magazine or website that promotes the product of a designer or a production company, what matters most is apparently the product itself, the object...

pitti uomo


ON SET, and here we are on set, once set up the beauty and styling station, ready the set, drank coffee ect ect. we start to work...



"For me, the camera is a drawing book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity; the mistress of the moment in which, in visual terms, she questions and decides simultaneously...






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