Ireland destination 1- TOP 4 TIPS YOU NEED

are you a photographer and want to visit ireland?

top 4 tips you need!

(Are you not a photographer? Read anyway, certain things can be helpful)

My partner in crime @ALEX ad @I  we  decided travel to Ireland! We are two professional photographers, so we appparently thought we knew perfectly well, what we really needed for our adventure.

Before leaving we Thought of every detail, he is advnture travel expert, I am more into maritie forests and coast,

but guess what?




We've got many things right, but every trip is an experience in itself, every place has unique characteristics, every season makes the same place quite different  and last but not least the beauty of every adventure is that there are always new things to learn!


so I decided to write something about Ireland, which would have been helpful if we had known it before leaving!


 I have identified at least 4 precious tips that I want to share with you, for now,  more to come in future articles!



1 Rent a camper van: 

It allowed us to visit 14 locations in 9 days!

Ireland is moderately large with so many wonderful locations that are waiting to be discovered!

Renting a camperized van is definitely cheaper than a b&b, which are wonderful but very expensive, (a night in a b&b costs a minimum of €100, while a family room costs €70/€80, plus you will have to rent a car, if you want to reach all the beautiful and fairly remote areas you planned to visit  (I'm sure you have plenty on your bucket list).

A van fully equipped with toilet and shower would costs around €100 per day, but this makes you sure about how much you are going to spend for your accommodation, no surprises and above all , you will be able to change your plans everytime you want, you can travel Off road, you can change your destination whenever you want, anytime you want, night and day.

We found out that it's quite convenient moving from one location to another during the evening, in order to take advantage of the hours of light to create content.

being able to head to a new location at night, and then be ready to shoot in the morning, it's priceless, plus it's so exciting to wake up every morning in a new place !

Last but not least if the sky is clear and the moon is not intrusive, once you arrive at your destination, even a night catching stars with a  long exposure is not a bad idea, if the cold does not scare you.


I will not leave you the link of the rental company because there have been some complications that I will explain to you in the next article, dedicated entirely to the van.


If you want to experience a surprise awakening, watch the video! ↓

2 Get an endless supply of super-equipped lens cleaning kits:

Get an endless supply of super-equipped lens cleaning kits:

Wind and rain are always present in every place, every day, the weather is never stable, it's quite useless to check the forecast, every day is a mixed of rain, sun, clouds, hail, snow, wind, climate changes are sudden and constant, the changing conditions within the same day are disarming.

The lens will get  wet and dirty continuously, whether you are on the top of a cliff or up on the mountain, nothing changes, in the mountains the sun can disappear while rain comes right after or maybe a hailstorm or even snow.

when you find yourself on the top of a cliff, there's no place to protect yourself, the wind is incessant and very powerful which makes it hard to stand, but that's the fun part!

What drives you mad is that eddies keep sending you brackish drops directly on your lenses. So don't forget to equip yourself with papers and cloths for cleaning your lenses as if there was no tomorrow and do not forget to always carry a cleaning liquid with you, because the brackish will not come away with a simple wipe of the

 cloth, we had to clean our lenses after every shot, which the cyborg Alex, while cursing, did not fail to do, I got annoyed soon, witnesses are  the two giant drops that appear on the cliff on the left in this photo!


Alex had a well-stocked kit with him @Maofuxing Kit 


Do you want to experience the wind of an Irish cliff and get an idea of how much this can dirty your lens?

Watch the video! ↓ 

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3 One microfiber towel and/or a professional water resistant backpack:

Ireland is the wettest and rainiest island I've ever been to, if  you want to visit it in winter like ourselves (December / January) it will be even more humid, water is everywhere and I'm not just talking about the coast, traveling inside you will discover an several wonderful lakes, swamps, rivers and waterfalls,

which combined with the daily rain, create the perfect habitat for an amphibian.


Sudden Showers during a magnificent sunny day can be the best moments where to take a shot with you camera, because it is precisely then that the most incredible light appears, you can't lose that moment, so if like us you have weather resistant professional camera, you can keep shooting those incredible and exciting moments, but once you return you will have to dry out your little girl and without a certain type of towel the operation would be long and boring, it seems a silly detail but it will make the difference,  you will love it in the end.

A microfiber towel @NABAIJI (65x90) Decathlon it will be great, cheap, light and super absorbent!


* if you do not have a weather camera, unfortunately that is the time to put it away in your backpack, and it is essential to own a good water-resistant backpack !!

We had very good backpacks, if it can help you click the link ↓


mine: @Deuter Speed lite 32

Alex: @Savotta Jääkäri M


Do you want to experience an Irish mega hail?

Watch the video! ↓

4 Universal adapter:

Last tip of this article and, in case you didn't think about it you will thank me ... Get yourself a universal adapter!

Like in many other countries of the world, the power sockets are not compatible with ours, the Irish ones in particular are with 3 rectangular holes, identical to the English ones and if you are a photographer with a lots of batteries, a laptop and maybe  a drone, plus the usual devices (cell phone, hairdryer etc.), you know perfectly well how important access to the electrical outlet is!!!


Whether you choose to rent a camper van, stay overnight at the b&b, or make a simply fast charging on the go during a stop at a restaurant or pub, without this little tool you will be screwed!


I bought one on Amazon, it was not the cheapest, but I wanted an object that would last over time for all my future travels so I've opted for a quality solution, unfortunately due to some cathartic events, which I will tell you in the next article dedicated to the van, we could not use it as we would have wanted to, but I must say that, for what little we've used it, it performed really well!


It works in more than 180 countries (we hope to see them all), does not heats up, fits 100v and 250v, has two built-in USB sockets, which are always handy and even has a 12 months warranty!


I leave you the link: @Amoner adattatore universale

And below a useless video, which however shows you which, among the many pull-out plug models, is the one required by Ireland, quick and painless! ↓


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In any case if you are here, thank you for reading it to the end, I really appreciate it!


Erika Bastogi


Many many thanks to @Alexwander  to help me with the translation! 

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