Wedding photo

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Sometimes, the angles I shoot and the scenes I photograph dictate that its not necessarily the bride or groom that are simply stood grinning at the camera,

Rather, I’m looking at the whole picture and try to encompass that in the story told.


Color filter

You will probably have noticed that the Wedding Photofilm above is all black and white.

This is primarily because it formed a panel of photographs, and it makes sense for the whole panel to be in monochrome (or, all in colour).

The reality is that around 70% of my wedding photography is black and white, but when colour is an obvious element of a photograph, then it will remain in colour.




When I was trying to answer this question of “What is Reportage Wedding Photography?” at the convention, I found myself coming back to these three areas repeatedly.

Its so important to me that the natural course of the wedding takes place, and at every single wedding I’ve shot (over 300), there has never been a time where I didn’t witness all three of the above happening.

Humour can happen of course at any time too and I think that weddings, as a fun and vibrant even, always include a certain amount of humour of course.

Human interaction, in the form of hugs, kisses, simple touches of the hand occur all the time.



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