What is JUDGMENT and how to manage it during a trip!


The massacred judgment because it was wrong and therefore judged itself, 

the judgment you can read on my face in this fantastic photo taken by my love Alex Wander,

which authentically reveals my feelings of that moment!


We'll find out in these few lines because...


Before you can manage something you have to get to know it!


The abused judgment is nothing but a wonderful bridge to our emotions…


When something unpleasant happens to us or we see it happening (in the case of a negative judgment), or something particularly pleasant (in the case of a positive one), emotions are inevitably activated, which transform our way of observing from what could to be a neutral discernment, in a heated judgement…


Judgment makes us unable to observe events clearly!


The type of judgment that is most often pointed out is the negative one,

but even the positive one can lead to the loss of a healthy lucidity that allows us to observe things in their authenticity!


Judgment like any other condition that is activated through emotional shaking,

is actually a very important tool to get to know ourselves better,

because it puts us in direct contact with what we feel, who we are, with our limits, roots, preferences, wounds.


Being HUMAN and therefore endowed with complex emotions, judging is a spontaneous and natural operation,

the thing we could implement if we wanted to evaluate a question in a lucid way, is if anything to train ourselves to detach ourselves from emotions when possible

and observe the matter with neutral discernment, i.e. observe by deactivating the emotions,

the only way to evaluate the facts for what they are, naked and raw.


Being able to move from judgment to discernment is quite tiring but with so much exercise and trust you get there,

sometimes faster, sometimes with more friction, many factors determine this ability,

how long have you been working on yourself to make it more and more fluid, how particularly serious or incredibly wonderful the fact is for you…


The important thing is to begin and experience this duality as a real exercise in growth,

but above all as something natural that simply makes us human.


Well! once established what judgment is and what happens in us when it is activated,

we can begin to analyze the various situations where it could create problems during the trip!


I'm not talking about the basic activations, those that could appear even during everyday life,

like the guy who jumps in line, the unsympathetic check-in girl or the pushy taxi driver,


I'm talking about all those conditions where the activation of judgment could invalidate the experience!


One of the most famous sayings is certainly...



but you travel to get to know so it is inevitable, especially in certain types of travel, to meet cultures and social dynamics,

very different from the ones we grew up with, some of these dynamics can be very painful for us,

especially if you travel to very poor countries or countries that have not had a social evolution equal to ours,

where extreme machismo could still reign, where women are treated like animals, where children are mistreated,

where the rush to bring home a piece of bread is the main purpose of the people we meet,

where cute children try to manipulate you for a flying lunch, or distract you so that the father or sister can steal your wallet.


There are a thousand situations that can trigger your emotions in a positive sense, making you naive easy prey,

(you have no idea how many times this has happened to me)

or negative, taking away your lucid vision of what is really happening,

but there are some things we can do to avoid getting emotional, or at least limit the damage if it happens!




If we are planning a trip to places that are culturally very different from those we are used to,

The first thing to do is certainly read up on the uses and customs of the country we are going to visit,

knowing their social dynamics before arriving, will make us face events in a completely different way,

I'm not saying that our emotions won't be activated in the face of an injustice, or the sweet little face of a child who will buy you with a glance,

I'm just saying that already knowing that we will find ourselves in certain situations, we will not be taken by surprise and the shock will be reduced to the bare minimum,

therefore studying the politics as well as the geography of a place will be very useful!


Instead, it will not be necessary to study to know of default that in poor places delinquency is inevitably active, around every corner

  and it can come from anyone, even and above all from those you least expect,

but we certainly don't want to preclude ourselves from getting in touch with the local reality,

we certainly don't want to miss the opportunity to have the most authentic experiences,

otherwise why travel?


This article absolutely does not want to make psychological terrorism, or leave you with the fear of moving serenely in other types of civilization!

Quite the opposite, with this article I just want to develop as much awareness as possible in you, to better manage any situation

and ensure that you do not move carelessly during your travels




Truly and deeply knowing the most genuine aspect of the culture of a place is priceless,

if you belong to a certain type of traveller, that is probably the purpose of your trip, so how to resolve the issue?


Very simple, when you know, you can prevent,

there are some tricks that will allow us to move with ease, and without feeling perpetually at risk...



(But if you want to collaborate and add more, I'd be delighted to read them in the comments)


1-the first piece of advice may seem obvious, but since sometimes we get distracted,

let's train ourselves to perpetually maintain eye contact with what's around us, understand where we are without getting lost behind facts or people, it's really necessary,

that's why clarity is so important!

Curiosity often makes us easy prey, so avoid places that are too isolated, dark and where there is only one way out (both day and night)

even if some (apparently) nice person asks you to follow her with a credible excuse,

you go ahead, it could be a good experience BUT... ONLY as long as you look around and see many people and open spaces,

in case they want to push you further, you stop.


2-never put money, credit card or important documents (such as passport or travel visa),

in any pocket of your backpack, neither inside nor outside, those things must always be glued to your skin,

there are very fine and delicate fanny packs that can be worn under clothing and that no one will ever have access to but you,

leave only a few coins in the backpack for drinks and food, avoid showing the fanny pack in public, whatever you have to take from inside,

don't be lazy,

if necessary, go to the bathroom and carry out the operation secretly, no one must know that there is a pouch under your clothes..


I have had one for almost 30 years, it dates back to my first trip to Mexico, I will keep it until its definitive destruction, when you already own something, continuing to use it remains

the most ecological choice.

Mine is now out of production, so I leave an example of a similar product, much more evolved than mine, which from the reviews seems to do its job well, go and see the details by clicking on the photo ... If you know a similar product, the better for construction and production ethics, report in the comments please!

3-always carry two credit cards on your travels, possibly prepaid, if you sleep in a hotel, always leave one in the room and bring the other with you, it is statistically impossible to suffer a robbery and theft in the same day, if one of the two things happens, you can immediately block the stolen one, knowing you have the other to continue your journey, having your back covered creates serenity even in the face of certain misfortunes.

And if the worst happens then put your hands up and be thankful it's just money.




All these tips help you understand that often the judgment we activate in the face of travel misfortunes is partly directed at the offender on duty, but partly at ourselves,

that "we stupidly did not anticipate the situation",

knowing that we have performed these simple operations, and therefore that we have done everything possible to avoid the worst, we will not be able to judge ourselves.


We will emerge from it without any sense of guilt and will continue our adventure to discover new places and new cultures with joy,

lightness, good humour, and positive stimulus.


It is not the case of the social dynamics that we are unable to digest or understand, on those, apart from the first advice, that is to read up so as not to get hungry for information and therefore know what to expect, there is nothing else we can do, perhaps breathe deeply, wait let the emotions subside and harmoniously continue the journey, knowing that you have learned something important, however frustrating, that there are other worlds besides yours,

returning home you will know how to be much more tolerant and much less judgmental with your neighbor and perhaps even with your country!


When was the last time you got fired up about something particularly beautiful or terribly unbearable during a trip?


Bring us your experience, or if you have any, add some advice to travel safely and in peace with our emotions.

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