My greatest satisfaction is when the newlyweds, after falling in love with their documentary, tell me that their friends want to go back to see it every night!

 You can relax and just enjoy your wedding day.


 There are so many things to be thinking about on your wedding; we don’t want photography to be one of them. When you hire someone who excels at documentary wedding photography, you can relax and just enjoy your day, safe in the knowledge that all those important moments are being captured. And though some photographers may still take you away for a few portraits (if you want that, of course) or group shots (again, only if you want them), they won’t be taking you away from your guests for hours, like traditional photographers sometimes do.

It’s your wedding, not a photoshoot, so just go about having the time of your lives, rather than posing in front of a camera all day.

since 2006

wedding documentary

Its so important to me that the natural course of the wedding takes place, and at every single wedding I’ve shot, there has never been a time where I didn’t witness all three of the happening.



wedding photo

When I’m photographing weddings I’m usually looking for different angles to the norm.

Angles that perhaps will get a bit more context in that maybe your average guest with an iPhone would spot.

Humour can happen of course at any time too and I think that weddings, as a fun and vibrant even, always include a certain amount of humour of course.

Human interaction, in the form of hugs, kisses, simple touches of the hand occur all the time.

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