Ireland destination - 2

are you a passionate photographer and want to visit ireland?

top 4 thinghs to have!

(Are you not a passionate photographer? Read anyway, certain things can be useful)

My partner in crime @ALEX and @I we  decided travel to Ireland! We are two professional photographers, so we appparently thought we knew perfectly well, what we really needed for our adventure.

Before leaving we Thought of every detail, he is advnture travel expert, I am more into maritie forests and coast,

but guess what?




We've got many things right, but every trip is an experience in itself, every place has unique characteristics, every season makes the same place quite different  and last but not least the beauty of every adventure is that there are always new things to learn!


so I decided to write something about Ireland, which would have been helpful if we had known it before leaving!


For the moment I have identified at least 8 precious and fundamental points that I want to share with you, 4 you can find below, while the others in the first article of this blog (@ IRELAND DESTINATION -1), but more will come!



1  quality variable ND filter:

If I hadn't had one I would have bought an ND Filter before leaving for sure!

The light in Ireland is really very faint and unpredictable, it changes every second, a good graduated ND is what it takes to

shoot with wide-aperture lenses in bright light without overexposing, while maintaining our lovely depth of field!

But there is also another reason for carrying an ND filter with you which is, you will be able to play with long exposure  with all the atonishing water you can find in Ireland, long exposure is definitely tempting,  I couldn't resist me either,  even if I'm not truly into it.


I have one from K&F, I know that  their fixed NDs aren't bad, but my variable NDs heavily vignetting when pushed to the maximum, with an unpleasant magenta cast that appears, so I would advise you to rummage through the @NISI options, 

I have never tested a variable ND of this brand but I know the high quality products they make, because Alex has some fixed ones and they are flawless, so I can imagine that it is also reliable on the variables, but of course the price point is Definetly way higher  compared to the K&Fs.


If you have experienced a great cheaper variable, write it in the comments, it would be very helpfull!


To get an idea of how crazy the light can be in Ireland...

Watch the video! ↓

Cliff of Mohe

2 A telephoto lens is definetly recommended:

Not essential but highly recommended, especially for  wildlife photography and animal lovers like me ... 

In Ireland there are various types of animals, some are  very cheeky like  Robins, some others very shy like  sheeps, which you will find everywhere (I thought there were more sheeps than people , the truth is that  there are as many sheeps as humans , they are even!).

There are  several crows, cows, horses, and I've also heard about a colony of Seals that live ar the Aran Island Coast, unfortunately we didn't have the chance to go there and pay a visit to them , maybe next time.

I love to photograph animals so much but at the moment,  my longest lense is a Sony 85mm F1.8 prime lense, not enough most of the time, well, my next investment to make, as soon as I can afford one it's a telephoto lens, my dream is a @150/600 Sigma lense, for now it will remain in my wish list!


Do you want to find out how pushy an Irish Robin can be?

Watch the video it's really fun! ↓

Connemara national Parck

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3 Tripod:

Regarding  long exposure photography to which I couldn't resist (and this photo is the testimony of it), and as the most of you surely knows    it's practically impossible to bring out a worthy long exposure shot without a tripod

... And again this photo is the proof!

Just look at the fern in the foreground to understand my point!


Despite the apnea and the improvised stand , After so many attempts I managed to get only one good long exposure shot without blurring some parts of the landscape ,by the way I couldn't being able  stop  making those shots, it's been so fun!


Meanwhile, someone wiser and less lazy in carrying heavy loads, would have brought at home a nice bunch of wonderful long exposure photos of the fabulous Corc Falls!


Alex had with him a @Manfrotto MKBFRA4GTXP-BH Befree

Not the lightest one among travel tripods (compared to carbon ones it is slightly heavier), but certainly a fantastic compromise between weight, stability and versatility!


The Irish forests are the most magical he has ever seen and the water running through them, is definitely mesmerizing!

Do you want proof? Watch the video ↓

4 Drone:

Ireland has spectacular landscapes, powerful cliffs and  atonishing mountains. Not being able to portray those beautiful views from above is definitely a shame,

But unless you have a powerful drone such  a DJI @Phantom 4 with a infinite numbers of spare batteries, it's goind to be very hard to make it fly because of the strong Irish wind and the unpredictable rain. IF we had something like this we could being able to enjoy those amazing storms nearby the Irish cliffs, the strong wind up to the mountains but we only had a DJI MINI2  so we miraculously managed to fly it a couple of times  in 9 days... but it was really worth it!


Here is a little taste ↓


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In any case if you are here, thank you for reading it to the end, I really appreciate it!


Erika Bastogi


Many many thanks to @Alexwander  to help me with the translation!  

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